Posted by Cynthia Mann

The Village Church welcomes our new intern:  Amos Williams

BIOGRAPHY: Amos is a native of Decatur, AL and currently lives in Madison, AL.  He married  Jessica Williams on March 08, 2013 and they are currently expecting their first child named Caleb Jeremiah Williams.  Amos is  enrolled at the Moody Bible Institute studying to receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ministry Leadership.  Upon completion of his undergraduate degree he plans to enroll in seminary to pursue a Master of Divinity.  His long term ministry goal is to plant a gospel-centered church within the urban/inner city context.
Amos loves spending tons of time with his wife because she is the most awesome thing God ever created!  He enjoy sports especially boxing, football, and basketball.  Amos enjoys reading and watching movies, but strongly dislikes network television unless it’s ESPN…