Posted by Cynthia Mann

On June 1st The Village Church welcomed Mary Anne Wells, as Director of Children’s Ministry.

Mary Anne Wells

Mary Anne Wells was born in Huntsville, Alabama on the opposite side of town of Lincoln Village. Her family raised her in church and taught her from an early age to love the Lord. Growing up, Mary Anne was inspired by the stories of missionaries like Hudson Taylor, Mary Slessor, and Amy Carmichael. In high school and college, Mary Anne also went to mission trips to Guatemala, Mexico, and India that increased her desire to serve the Lord in a foreign land.

After graduating from Grissom High School in 2011, Mary Anne was introduced to Lincoln Village Ministries through her brother. She felt the Lord tug on her heart, and after going to Passion 2011 she knew that LVM was where she was called to be. As a high school student, Mary Anne felt like she would never find her calling until she left Huntsville. When she found Lincoln Village, the Lord revealed that her mission field was right in her backyard. While Mary Anne still feels a call to international missions, she knows that during this season of life God has called her to serve in “Jerusalem” before she goes out into, “Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Throughout college, Mary Anne continued to volunteer at LVM through the Linc and The Village Church. During this time, the Lord used different cross cultural experiences and relationships to prepare Mary Anne to join staff at Lincoln Village Ministries. After graduating from UAH in 2015 with her degree in Elementary Education, Mary Anne joined the Little Linc Preschool as the 4-Year Olds’ Teacher. The following summer of 2016 she joined staff at The Village Church as the Director of Student Ministries.

Mary Anne’s prayer is that her students would grow up to be men and women that know, enjoy, and glorify Christ Jesus.