Our Story

The Village Church

The ministry of The Village Church did not begin as a church alone, but rather was birthed out of a vision of the director of  Lincoln Village Ministries.

In the summer of 2006, the church building on Virginia Boulevard was purchased and several churches from the Huntsville/Madison community began to invest time, prayer, and financial support for the growth of the church plant. In the spring of 2007, Alex Shipman came on board with the vision and agreed to pastor the Lincoln Village community. So in September 2008, an introductory service was held and a weekly Sunday evening Bible study began. Less than a year later, the Bible study became evening services and on January 17th, 2010, the first Sunday morning service was held and a new chapter in the Lincoln Village story began.

In July 2011, members of The Village Church sent a signed petition to their Presbytery requesting the church be particularized.  Since April of 2011, a group of selected men accepted the call to spend several months attending weekly training sessions, taking an examination, and being interviewed by the Provisional Session.  On October 23, 2011, there was a congregational meeting to elect officers and call a pastor.  On November 13 of 2011, The Village Church was particularized, officers were ordained and installed, as well as Alex Shipman being installed as the pastor.

The Village Church is a cross-cultural church located in NE Huntsville, AL, in a community known as Lincoln Village. Curtis Ramey, one time resident of Lincoln Village, said

“Lincoln people [once] had a common employer for the most part, the mill. They also had a common school and a pretty well defined geographical area. Lincoln people worked together, worshiped God together, played together and studied together. These forces made them special people. It is difficult to define a spirit, especially the one at Lincoln. It was a wonderful combination of optimism, ambition, pride, teamwork and a genuinely wholesome feeling about life.”

Though Lincoln has changed over the many years, we know that the Lord God has been and will continue to be at work within this community. So, it is a great pleasure to be called to share in His good work here. The gospel is the great equalizer among all people, for it presents us all as mutually broken people before the cross of Christ. This church is a place for mutually broken people who are in need of the restoring power of the gospel. It is our prayer that we will EMBRACE & EXTEND HIS LOVE in genuine community. We want to worship together, work together and fellowship together, through His wonderful grace we all will share and enjoy the “Spirit of Lincoln.”