Mercy & Care

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The mission of the Mercy & Care Team is to embrace and extend his love  by walking alongside of others in a spirit of “mutual brokenness” in our work of BENEVOLENCE and CONSISTENT CARE.


What is Relational Benevolence? Benevolence at the TVC is “PERSONAL” in nature, which means our relationships with an individual or family will be one of the driving forces in any benevolence aid.

What is Responsible Benevolence? Benevolence at the TVC will be “ACCOUNTABLE,” which means we are all responsible for fighting for our lives and being stewards of what the Lord has given to us.

What is Returnable Benevolence? Benevolence at the TVC will also be “DISCIPLESHIP,” which means want to disciple people in the body of Christ. We want people not just to get benevolence but to be part of our church family and serving inside the church as well.

Consistent Care

Consistent Care is a proactive approach to shepherding and caring for our members and visitors. First, there is counseling (individual, marriage, parenting, per-marital and financial) available. Second, there are life issues workshops (abuse, joblessness, legal issues, and etc)  available. Third, there are conferences (marriage, parenting, leadership, men and women). Consistent care will also be done by partnerships with other ministries and organizations who are more equipped to help others in ways TVC cannot.

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